Calendula – Pacific Beauty Mix


The Pacific Beauty calendula mix are annuals that bloom golden flowers. These flowers work well in beds, borders, and pollinator gardens. The flowers’ petals are also edible.

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Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is a flowering annual that is native to southern regions of Europe. The Pacific Beauty Mix of calendula blooms golden flowers with shades of yellow and orange, earning this mix the secondary name of pot marigold. Pacific Beauty Mix is great for beds, borders, and pollinator gardens. The petals of these golden flowers are also edible.


Optimum growing conditions & facts:
  • SEASON | summer to fall
  • SPACING | 12-18 in. apart
  • SUN EXPOSURE | full sun
  • MOISTURE | moderate
  • HEIGHT | 12-24 in.
  • DIAMETER | 2-3 in.
  • OZ./1000 SQ. FT. | 7
  • LBS./ACRE | 18

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