Borage are star-shaped annuals that have blue petals. These flowers work well in pollinator gardens, their petals are edible, and oil can be extracted from their drupes.

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Borage (Borago officinalis) is a flowering annual that is native to the Mediterranean region. This species produces blue, five-petaled flowers, giving them the alias of “Starflower. Borage is perfect for adding to pollinator gardens, and they are a natural pest repellent. Also, both the petals and sepals are edible, and oil can be extracted from its drupe.


Optimum growing conditions & facts:
  • SEASON | summer to fall
  • SPACING | 10-14 in. apart
  • SUN EXPOSURE | full sun
  • MOISTUREmoderate
  • HEIGHT | 12-24 in.
  • DIAMETER | 3-5 in.
  • OZ./1000 SQ. FT. | 8
  • LBS./ACRE | 21

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